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Costco is known for its wide range of products and competitive prices. This is one of the reasons Costco has so many loyal customers. However, Costco is not the only place to find the best deals. These are some items you might want to buy outside of Costco.

Do your grocery shopping at Costco before you decide to buy more. This could help you save money on groceries and your credit card bill.

1. Condiments

It can be tempting to buy condiments in bulk, especially during the barbecue season. In many cases, however, it’s better to buy condiments like mustard and ketchup at your local supermarket when they are on sale.

First, supermarkets tend to have nice discounts on condiments prior to holiday weekends. This means that you may be able to get a lower price at Costco than at Costco. Condiments are often left out for a long time. You can leave condiments out to bake in the sun at a barbecue or on the table for regular meals.

Condiments won’t last as long once they are opened. It could be a good idea to avoid buying large bottles at Costco.

2. Cereal

Costco has a good selection of bulk cereals. Cereal is one of those items that often goes on sale at the supermarket. You’ll find that Costco’s prices are often lower than usual when it happens.

Costco is known for carrying brand-name cereals while supermarkets have their own store-brand varieties that taste as good. Despite the bulk discount, store-brand cereals will often be much cheaper per ounce than the ones you can get at Costco.

3. Pasta

Pasta, like cereals, is a product that can be found at a deep discount at regular supermarkets. When that happens, the price per pound is often lower at your local grocery shop.

Moreover, pasta is not a product that consumers are brand-specific about. For example, your kids might prefer one brand of cereal to another. Chances are they won’t care which brand of macaroni is on the box. As long as it’s melted cheese, they will not care. It should be simple enough to take advantage of lower prices when you see pasta on sale in the supermarket.

Spend less on food than you really need

Food prices are on the rise due to inflation. It pays to make savings. Costco is not without its fair share of bargains. However, you shouldn’t assume that you will always find the best price or the best deal.