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Our Story

From the 1965 – 1980 Generation X was born and we will soon outnumber baby boomers. We have become the most resilient, adaptable, and entrepreneurial group in the history of the planet.

Generation X is mostly in our 40s, with the elders tipping early 50s and the youngest in their late 30s. We’re still young, and there’s a good chance we’ll be around a lot longer. That means we’ll need to be financially free for many more years.

We know that relying on the government to support is a farce that takes away our financial freedom.  We know that retiring is simply living your final years without a purpose.

Letting some Authority Figure tell us how to live is not in our DNA and we’re not looking for a guru to save us.

There’s plenty of great information out there on how to build wealth through many different vehicles, but it can become daunting to sort out what’s good and what’s bad.

That said, you don’t have time to sift through the mountain of information released each day. And you really don’t have time to separate the fake and fluff from the solid, research-based resources that help you build wealth and live free.

That’s our job, it’s why we launched the Financial Maverick. We want to make sure our generation is armed with the knowledge and resources to take control of our future. Heck, maybe we can even fix the mess we’ve been handed by a previous generation. Sign up below to join us, and let’s get started.