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It was all about the price when my husband and me bought our first house. We wanted something we could afford. We needed something we could afford. The house was not in a great area and was difficult to clean. However, I loved the fact that it was ours.

We were in a completely different place when we bought the house that we are moving out of. We were able to make choices. Although it isn’t large, the house that we bought is custom-built with lots of architectural details.

My husband took a job in another state when he was just a few months old. I didn’t worry about selling our house but knew it would be difficult to buy a home. It was a difficult decision. It would take a mere moment for a property to hit the market before someone else took it.

These are the four most important things I learned about buying property in a hot market.

  1. It’s all about the head over the heart

My heart was the only thing that helped me purchase our last house. There were so many houses available that I could not reject a house because of its slope. This was not the case this time. We are moving to a college town with more buyers than sellers.

My husband and I stayed in our home while he searched for a new house in the new state. A series of photos and one FaceTime conversation got me close to my goal. The fact that so few homes are up for sale made it clear that this was a business transaction.

The house we bought was listed for almost three weeks. The house is very nice, but the landscaping is poor. The yard is Death Valley until we do something to improve its curb appeal.

The house is only seven years old and everything is new. It’s also in a great neighborhood. It was also cheaper than the market, which made it a great financial decision.

My first lesson about buying a house on a frenetic market was that you can make smart financial moves if your dream house isn’t in the way.A team that is right for you can make all of the differenceA team that is right for you can make all of the difference

2. A team that is right for you can make all of the difference

Over the course of our marriage, we have sold and bought enough houses to know the importance of working with great professionals. Every person involved in the inspection of the property, from the real estate agent to the inspector, must be someone you trust.

It wasn’t long after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the second consecutive year that we got serious about purchasing a home. The price we would pay to buy a house fell once the interest rate was higher. I didn’t want to be caught in a bidding war and end up paying too much for a house.

I informed my lender about how much we would be willing to spend. She supported the plan, even though she was qualified for more. She even reminded me once of it. Our budget was well-kept and our agent never urged us to increase it or tour properties that were over budget. This is how I knew that we had the right team. It was easy to be financially responsible with them.

A loan officer or agent trying to convince a buyer to spend more than they should, is not a good sign.

My husband began talking about the possibilities for the house. He even mentioned turning Death Valley into lush greenery. After listening for a while, I was excited about the possibilities of the house and the role that we could play in its transformation.

A few days later, I was able to sit down and list what I believed would make the house’s interior and exterior match my ideal. It’s been a lot of fun creatively. We could have stayed in the house we currently live in and made no changes. We have the freedom to make changes to a house that is in dire need of attention.

It’s easier to purchase a home in a tight market if you can see past the flaws and see potential.

Although we may not have been in a position to buy a home that truly makes my heart sing in this market for topsy-turvy homes, we were able to make our dream home a reality.