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According to J.D., new vehicle quality fell by 11% in this year’s first quarter due to parts shortages, shipping delays, and global trade disruptions. J.D. Power’s 2022 Initial Quality Study. The top three positions were held by Chevrolet, Buick, Dodge, and Chrysler, while Volvo, Chrysler, and Polestar were at the bottom.

The 2022 Initial Quality Study revealed that four times as many new models had worse quality than their segment averages. J.D. says vehicle problems reached a record high during the 36-year history. This was due to disruptions such as a shortage of semiconductor chips and personnel dislocations. Power stated Tuesday.

“I knew there would be challenges this year because of all the supply chain problems and everything else. It wouldn’t have been our worst year. We have never experienced an 11% decline before,” David Amodeo (director of global automotive at J.D. Power told reporters.

“The worst thing we saw was 3% per year. This is huge! Before we got the data and synthesized the information, I didn’t understand all the difficulties that everyone was facing.

J.D. J.D. In separate surveys, the rankings take into account long-term dependability, the appeal of the cars’ features, as well as the dealership experience.

General Motors was able to improve the quality and rank first among all auto companies. The Buick quality rose from 12th last year to the top in initial quality in 2022.

The highest ranked premium vehicle was Hyundai Genesis. Only nine out of 33 ranked brands saw an improvement in vehicle quality over the past year.

Most automakers continue to have problems with infotainment and mobile apps. Google’s Android Auto (and Apple CarPlay) were the most problematic. These apps mirror mobile apps like Maps and can be used to control the vehicle’s infotainment system.

With the exception Tesla, most mainstream automakers integrate Android and Apple systems that enable customers to mirror their smartphones in their vehicles’ central display. Tesla has its own browser.

Tesla ranked 7th this year with the same quality score as Mitsubishi. However, issues such as panel alignment and poor quality paint were more frequent than customer problems with the company’s infotainment or mobile app.

Amodeo stated Tuesday that Tesla is a software company which happens to be a manufacturer of vehicles. This is what we see when we look at what Tesla says.

According to the survey, electric vehicles had on average more problems than traditional internal combustion engine cars and trucks. Amodeo anticipates that this will change “rather quickly” as more production is done and customers accept electric vehicles. The study showed that Tesla’s cars had on average less problems than other EVs, and this was despite the fact that they were more expensive.

Elon Musk’s electric vehicle venture has seen its quality improve slightly, and it was officially included in this year’s list. JD Power had previously surveyed Tesla owners, but did not consider their scores official.

Polestar, a new electric vehicle company, ranked last with 328 reported problems per 100 vehicles newly sold or leased.